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A newly formed unit to investigate historic allegations is expected to be "live" by October 2016.

However investigations into Bloody Sunday shootings are still being conducted by the PSNI.

If you are contacted about historical matters under investigation and require advice on how to proceed call us immediately. You will be entitled to free advice and representation.

They are re-investigating unresolved killings of the "troubles" including those involving the security forces which may have been previously investigated and closed many years ago.

It is anticipated that many people who may fall into the investigations may live or work outside Northern Ireland, particularly former servicemen and RUC officers. All investigations will be under the law of Northern Ireland, and any prosecutions will be in Northern Ireland.

We provide free legal aid and representation under the legal aid scheme. Arrangements are in place for advice and representation at police interviews wherever in the world they may occur by either this firm or similarly experienced solicitors with whom we have a trusted working relationship.