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We provide criminal defence services to the public, with many years of specialist experience in service matters.

In NI we will assist both privately paying clients and those requesting free representation under the legal aid scheme operating in Northern Ireland, for cases involving NI law. If you wish to know if you qualify for free representation under this scheme please call us. We can represent you if you are being questioned at a police station (which is free to you), and at the Magistrates and Crown Court if necessary.

In the whole UK and worldwide we can also represent you if you are to be questioned by the Service Police (Military Police, RAFP or RN Regulator) or the MOD Police. This will usually be free to you under the MOD legal representation schemes, or the relevant civilian legal aid schemes - please call for free advice. The costs of travel overseas is paid under the MOD scheme, so that you are able to get the same quality of representation as if you were in Catterick, Colchester or Lisburn.

We will travel worldwide if required and regularly attend at short notice for urgent cases in Germany,  Cyprus, Kenya and elsewhere.

We also provide specialist knowledge and experience for service personnel and their families worldwide on matters of service law, disciplinary hearings, summary dealing and service trials brought by the Service Prosecution Authority. 

We can advise and assist with Service Inquiries, Service Complaints, Inquests and on AGAI investigations.

We will give free initial advice by telephone. If you are abroad and need advice or representation either in the UK or at your duty station this can often be arranged using service communications facilities (secure or insecure as necessary) or through the service legal representation schemes - please call for further advice. This is normally free to service personnel and their families under the service schemes.